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Harlot with a Heart of Gold

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Hailing from New Orleans, the Harlot with a Heart of Gold, is a multifaceted entertainer born from the supply closet mishap of a professional pianist and prima ballerina. Miss James has been slow burning stages across the US since 2013. She is most known as The Sideshow Showgirl for being New Orleans Original Grinder Girl “Risking Life, Limb and Labia.” Darla has coined “minimalist striptease” through her act “Good for You” where her only costume pieces are a pair of gloves and high heels. Darling Darla James has also made her mark as a renowned costumer and burlesque educator.


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Darling Darla James is veteran Bourbon St. stripper and a burlesque educator who strives to utilize the special skills each job teaches and blend the best of classic tease with strip club culture.  Available workshops include Burlesque 101, how to make and manage money, OnlyFans Tips & Tricks, lap dance and sewing.

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