Darling Darla James is a veteran Bourbon St. stripper and burlesque educator who strives to utilize the special skills each job teaches and blend the best of classic tease with strip club culture. 

A Guide to OnlyFans

My 14 page e-book designed to help you succeed on OnlyFans without already having huge social media platforms or prior experience. All information was gathered over 10 months of personal experience and from advice from veteran online sex workers of all body types, niches and walks of life. Available for purchase through AllMyLinks

Stripper 101

A one hour movement based class. Topics may include chair dance, eye contact, prop use, boa play, floor work, choreography, booty poppin, lap dance, fans, fabric manipulation, pose and posture, hula hoop, fire arts, sales and connecting with your audience.

Groups: $30 per person, $100 minimum.
1-on-1: $50

Budgeting for Burlesque

Lecture based workshop designed to help you earn, invest and financially manage a profitable business in the burlesque industry.

Groups: $30 per person, $100 minimum.
1-on-1: $50

Sewing for Stage

Learn to make your own costumes for performances or just for fun! We will cover sewing techniques, construction, fabric choices, design and more.

Sessions are $25 per hour.
Limit two students at a time.
Classes are customizable to skill level and desired project.

Let’s make something beautiful

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